Report: Key Influences on 2021 Laboratory Market Trends

Posted by ApolloLIMS on Feb 02, 2021


As seen recently in Clinical Lab Products, ApolloLIMS' CEO Daniel Hart shared trends that will impact labs throughout 2021.  

"The year 2020 brought dramatic changes in laboratory-based diagnostics, healthcare, and medicine beyond what anyone could have imagined one year ago. As 2021 approaches, the diagnostic laboratory testing market will continue to experience changes that will bring unique opportunities for both growth and profitability as well as many challenges—a common theme as of late.

The covid-19 diagnostic testing segment has already seen a steady increase in the number of tests performed and in the diversity of testing options. In 2021, reimbursement incentives for high throughput and fast turnaround times will favor laboratories that have streamlined their processes and adopted technology to drive automation and other high-throughput strategies. Laboratories will need to continue to invest in technology within the lab as well as in automation that facilitates efficient communication with physicians, patients, and public health agencies. The pandemic has incented some laboratories to invest in molecular diagnostics testing platforms, and these labs are likely to expand their molecular diagnostic testing menus in 2021 and beyond to include syndromic infectious disease panels in order to ensure efficient utilization of those systems over time." 

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Also, be sure to check out ApolloLIMS' Lab Market Trends Report for 2021.

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