ApolloLIMS and Translational Software Improve Pharmacogenetic Testing

Posted by ApolloLIMS on Feb 07, 2014

(January 24, 2014)  Nashville, TN- ApolloLIMS and Translational Software have successfully collaborated to improve Pharmacogenetic (PGx) testing and reporting processes. This strategic collaboration combines Apollo’s platform for operational excellence with Translational Software’s PGx decision support system to enable their customers to improve turnaround time, decrease errors, and make test results more relevant for clinicians.

There is a rapid adoption of pharmacogenetic testing in laboratories across the nation as clinicians recognize the value of genetic testing. As a result, laboratories are producing large amounts of complex genetic data. To interpret the genetic data into actionable medical information a pharmacogenetic knowledge base is needed. Typically a clinical laboratory does not have the dedicated resources available to develop a knowledge base or the IT resources to link the laboratory and knowledge base together.

The ApolloLIMS Lab Automation component gives the lab automated programmatic processes that intelligently send and receive data directly with the laboratory testing equipment without requiring data entry by the operator. By combining that with the Apollo eXchange HL7 Interface engine, the companies have been successful in creating a bi-directional seamless integration from the pre- analytic, analytic, and post-analytic phases. The interface with the Translational Knowledgebase adds the interpretive phase and highly configurable report designs to the integration. Many laboratories have already seen the benefits of this collaboration in terms of elimination of duplicate data entry, streamlined work flow resulting in decreased turnaround time and improved customer satisfaction.

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Rob Ringenberg, founder of ApolloLIMS, sees the value that can be delivered to customers through the collaboration. "Laboratory automation is key to efficiency in the modern laboratory. ApolloLIMS excels at delivering a high level of automation through instrument interfaces, foreign system interfaces and web products. By working directly with the senior staff at Translational Software we have been able to greatly reduce the project timeline and deliver a superior end product.”

Until recently, clinical adoption of genomic testing has been inhibited by the massive amounts of data, challenging analysis, and the difficulty of adapting research technologies to the clinical setting. Don Rule, Translational’s founder and CEO, says “we recognized that there was an opportunity to augment current solutions that required knowledge of genetics, pharmacology, and informatics. By combining these skill sets we’ve developed a system that enables diagnostic laboratories to bring pharmacogenetic testing to the market dramatically faster.”

This alliance marries a laboratory's need for intelligent software (like that of ApolloLIMS) and the extensive pharmacogenetic clinical decision support that Translational Software has to offer. A strategic partnership like this one could not have come at a better time for the laboratory world and the Return on Investment (ROI) by early adopters has already proven it to be successful.


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