Make Your Laboratory's Results Report Unique

Posted by ApolloLIMS on Aug 27, 2018

Our last blog talked about making your laboratory results report readable and informative, but how do you make sure it is still unique to your laboratory?

The visual presentation of result information highlights two important aspects of a results report:

1. Enhancing the ease and usefulness of the information, and

2. Appropriately representing the brand and quality of your laboratory.

Of course the inclusion of your laboratory logo is the first step in making your results report uniquely yours, but there is certainly much more that can be done to represent your quality services, such as:

  1. Review the detail sections of your results report where there is a large volume of data in a repeated order. Ensure you are helping your client find the “abnormal” or “unusual” pieces of data easily.
  2. Make sure your results report does not create eyestrain due to excessive amounts of data.
  3. Provide ease when reading through the information to find the pertinent items, by including visual cues to quickly draw your client’s eye to informative items.
  4. Consider the final media form of the results report that your clients will use.Make sure the colors used are web friendly for your web reports, and that they will print well on a black and white printer, or even prevent a results report sent over a facsimile from having a significantly lower image quality.

Finally, remember your requisition form when you are planning your results report. These two documents can be considered the “first and last impression” of your laboratory for each patient/specimen processed. They are not the same document, nor do they have the same purpose, but they do both represent your laboratory. They should be designed to work in tandem with each other.

ApolloLIMS has the ability to customize your results report the way you want for your clients.

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