Spotlight on ApolloLIMS: Answers to the Questions We Hear Most

Posted by ApolloLIMS on Sep 09, 2021


At ApolloLIMS, we know that a LIMS selection process is a significant undertaking for any laboratory (see our blog series about adopting a LIMS). Given our years of experience serving the needs of laboratory customers, we frequently hear the same questions from laboratories when considering a LIMS solution.

Questions About ApolloLIMS Functionality

Here are responses to some of the most commonly asked questions that our team receives about ApolloLIMS functionality:

Is the ApolloLIMS system comprehensive enough to meet all of my lab’s current and future needs?

This question is one of our favorites. The short answer is yes! With years of product development and customer feedback behind it, the Apollo software is a proven solution, with deep functionality and scalability. It is built to grow with your laboratory. As a rules-based system, is highly flexible by design, allowing the system to be configured to your lab’s specific needs.

Do you have a solution for electronic ordering and reporting to support my customers?

Yes, the ApolloLIMS system has an optional web-based provider portal, which can be tailored to support your specific test menu and order form and branded for your lab. The portal allows your provider customers to order tests and collect / view results electronically and securely. Read more about the ApolloLIMS provider portal.

Does the ApolloLIMS system offer operational reporting for my laboratory?

Absolutely! One of the major benefits of ApolloLIMS is that the system can provide key operational data and insights at any given time so you can take a data-driven approach to running your lab. If the data is in Apollo, it can be captured and reported on.

Does the ApolloLIMS system offer self-service capabilities where my laboratory’s in-house LIMS administrator can make adjustments on the fly?

Yes, the ApolloLIMS system has an intuitive system administration module, where authorized personnel within the lab can make configuration changes, such as setting up new tests, to meet your laboratory’s needs. We understand the importance of helping labs be self-sufficient with their LIMS.

Questions About the Apollo Alliance and Customer Service

Here are responses to some of the most commonly asked questions that our team receives about the Apollo Alliance and customer service:

Can the ApolloLIMS system support key third party integrations to meet my lab’s needs?

Yes, we understand that interoperability is table stakes in the lab market today. The ApolloLIMS system is designed to integrate seamlessly with the instruments in your lab so that data is transferred accurately and reliably. Also, the ApolloLIMS system can integrate with electronic medical record (EMR), genetic data interpretation / reporting, and third-party billing systems as necessary. And all integration work is done in-house. No consulting firms or middleware software required and therefore, reduced costs for your lab.

Is your pricing flexible and am I only able to buy what I need when I need it?

Yes, the ApolloLIMS pricing model is tailored to support a variety of lab types, budgets, and system needs. Importantly, your laboratory can purchase only the modules that you need today and can adjust in the future as your business grows and your functionality needs evolve.

Is the Apollo support team available to help when my laboratory needs them?

The ApolloLIMS team is ready when you need help. We foster a strong partnership with our customers through the Apollo Alliance – it’s critically important to us (Read more about our commitment to customer service and the Apollo Alliance). We understand that a relationship with a LIMS vendor is about more than product. It’s about product and service. In our weekly Customer Success team meetings, we track First Day Resolve (FDR). That’s the percentage of customer support tickets resolved within a 24-hour period. Year to date, our FDR is >80% and we strive to increase this number every day.

These are just a few of the questions we receive when working with prospects, but they do seem to be the most common. However, we know your laboratory will have more questions during its LIMS selection process, as each lab is different - we understand that. Please reach out to the ApolloLIMS team to learn more about ApolloLIMS and what’s it means to be part of the Apollo Alliance.

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